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Fit To Fly Certificate
Private 36 Hour PCR Covid-19 PCR Test and Fit-to-Fly Certificate
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Gillinggate Pharmacy
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Fit To Fly Certificates
Private 36 Hour PCR Covid-19 PCR Test and Fit-to-Fly Certificate
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Pharmacy First
Access prescription medication directly from our pharmacist without seeing your GP for Ear infections, Impetigo, Infected insect bites, Shingles, Sinusitis and Throat Infections and UTIs in women
Repeat Prescriptions
Use our convenient online ordering service on your phone, tablet or pc. Get Reminders, Order 24/7, We keep you updated.
Pharmacy Services
We provide a full range of NHS and Private pharmacy services including one off and repeat prescriptions, private prescriptions and more.
Health Advice
Thousands of pages of health advice from the NHS, Pharmacists and Support groups covering every topic.
fit to fly test certificate
If you need a private Covid-19 PCR test and Fit-to-Fly certificate for a flight within 96-72 hours from now click HERE.
Online Shopping
Shop from over 8000 items at Supermaket Beating Prices. Whether you are travelling and need a mosquito net or need nicotine patches at a good price, we have you covered.
Ear Wax Removal
We offer an Ear Micro Suction service that is quicker, safer and pain free compared to other, less effective, more intrusive wax removal techniques.
Blood Pressure Check
This service is a free NHS consultation from your Pharmacist, who will check your blood pressure and advise you on healthy lifestyle changes
Contraception Service
If you have a question about your contraception, need a repeat prescription of your pills or want to start on the pill for the first time, we offer the new Pharmacy Contraception service.
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Order your Lateral Flow Covid Test
Gillinggate Pharmacy
We are an independent NHS Community Pharmacy serving the people of Gillinggate.
Gillinggate Pharmacy
Gillinggate Pharmacy is your local independent community pharmacy located to the left of the Gillinggate Centre and serving the population of Kendal. We offer the NHS Repeat Prescription Service and use Electronic Prescriptions which means all you need to do is order your prescription and we will take care of the rest.
We offer a FREE prescription delivery service for those most vulnerable or are simply unable to come in for various reasons. We also provide other services such as the Minor Ailments Scheme, New Medicines Service, Emergency Contraception, Health Checks and Travel Advice.
Planning a trip abroad?
Fit to Fly Certificate and PCR tests by Courier. Enter your travel details below to see rules and regulations for testing and isolation...
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The Gillinggate Centre, Captain French Surgery
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